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Mission statement

U-HAC INTERNATIONAL: Committed to establishing collaborative, educational, and performance oriented arts programs in under served communities worldwide for the purpose of revitalizing local economies and bringing people of widely different backgrounds together in mutual appreciation, inspiration and aspiration.

U-HAC INTERNATIONAL (otherwise known as Unity Hills Arts Centers International) established its home base in Townshend-Harmonyville VT, USA in January 2012 and is now in the process of establishing multiple satellite arts centers around the world.

U-HAC International's first priority is to address two of the most serious problems in today's arts world: (1) the shrinking number of employment opportunities for gifted young American trained musicians. (2) the dire need for year-round arts programs in under served areas around the world. We plan to face both of these challenges simultaneously by subsidizing young artist interns known collectively as the U-HAC ArtsCorps who, as artists in residence at our satellites and home base, will serve these communities as teachers, performers and organizers of arts programs.

Presently, U-HAC is celebrating the completion of its first summer of events at the new home base: a historic, fifteen room, circa 1776 farmhouse, formerly known as the Townshend Country Inn. This truly inspiring house, built on five acres of lush rolling hills and rushing streams provides a learning, working, meeting, and living space for artists of all kinds (professionals, amateurs and students) in a mutually supportive culture of intense, yet non-competitive aspiration.

Our second summer of fully booked seminars took place in July and August 2012, (our first summer's event took place at another location). Expanding to two seminars due to participant demand, we presented "Total Immersion in Schubert and Schoenberg" (mostly chamber music and conducting) and "Wall to Wall Masterclasses with Joseph Swensen" (mostly private strings instruction.) These two programs brought together composers, conductors, instrumentalists, scholars, writers and visual artists of all ages and levels for what many participants called "a completely life-changing experience!" Members of ENSEMBLE U-HAC, a chamber music group of about a dozen of the most gifted American trained young professionals, along with founders/directors Joseph Swensen and Victoria Eisen were resident faculty at the home base for these seminars. The true focal point of the house is in our concert salon: a museum-piece, masterly refurbished 1887 Steinway concert grand, the same vintage piano known to have been the favorite of Johannes Brahms.

Complementing the work done at the home base are the U-HAC Satellites. We are presently in the process of establishing the first three of these satellite arts centers in under served areas of South Africa, Portugal and France respectively. The U-HAC Satellites will be staffed by U-HAC ArtsCorps interns. The U-HAC ArtsCorps will be made up of the world's most gifted young artists, recent graduates of American universities, music conservatories and other arts institutions. Young artists selected for the U-HAC ArtsCorps program will embark on a year-long, completely subsidized educational and cultural experience as artists in residence at one of the U-HAC Satellites or at the U-HAC home base. There, they will spend their days teaching, performing, collaborating with local artists, organizing arts programs, and receiving regular coachings and consultations with internationally renowned artists. They will also have ample time to pursue their own individual work in a truly inspiring setting and live as a member of the community they serve. We plan to commence the selection process for the U-HAC ArtsCorps by focusing on young classical musicians, specifically pre-formed string quartets.

U-HAC International is purely an arts organization and has no affiliations with any political or religious groups.

U-HAC International does not discriminate on the basis of nationality, age, race, ethnic background, sexual orientation or gender.


Group photo

Group photo
U-HAC musicians rehearse